The Ladies of Barracuda

D.L. Car (Lead Vocals, Acous.,Flute)

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Coming from a large family that loved to sing Donna started singing at the age of 6.
Community talent shows, T.V. and radio programs situated in rural Manitoba, Canada. D.L. Car early musical influences ranged from Country, Rock and R&B. D.L. has spent the last 45 years being inspired and learning her craft.
 D.L. who  has always been compared to Ann Wilson for the power, range and tone which is always such a compliment and hard for me still to acknowledge as Ann is still a living Legend and Rock Goddess.
D.L.'s other influences  are Pat Benatar, Linda Ronstadt, Aretha Franklin and Steve Perry.


Sarah Moon (Guitars, Vocals)

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Sarah Moon grew up on stages and started singing 
professionally and touring at the age of 12. Classically trained with a background in choir, jazz and opera she grew to find her roots in dive bars and clubs. Sarah was on the Today Show and sang at Carnegie Hall in 1996, She was honoured to sing with Shania Twain in 1999. Sarah has released a Blues album and a Americana album, with a Rock record to be released in 2022. You can listen to her music on all major platforms or at

The Boys in The Band

Ray Roper (Guitars, Vocals, Keys)


Ray Roper is a veteran west coast singer /guitar player / producer /engineer "Rocker" from the Vancouver area of B.C. Initial successes were with Canadian Recording Icon's "Stonebolt, in which he played, sang on and co-produced 5 albums for Parachute / Casablanca then RCA records which yielded multiple hits, the biggest of which was "I will still Love you", went Top 30 on Billboard and was nominated for a grammy and featured Ray on Lead vocals. Ray then had a stint as head engineer at Universal Institute of Recording Arts of Vancouver. After countless CD productions, performing on other artists albums and demo's Ray decided that his musicians Soul needed to perform live so he joined North America's Best Heart Tribute "Barracuda" handling keys, guitars and Vocals.

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